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Patient Retention

Treating The Glabella
With Muscle Relaxers

Treating The Mentalis Muscle
With Muscle Relaxers

Chin Augmentation
With Dermal Filler

*These videos are just a small sample from some of the courses within the facecoach
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So What Will You Learn Inside The Online Learning Portal?

The Courses In This Program Include

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Muscle Relaxants: Botulinum Toxin Type A – Allergan and Galderma

This course covers the science of neuromodulators, the relevant anatomy, appropriate dosing, injection sites, side effects and live demonstrations on patients. This course covers both the upper and lower face treatments with muscle relaxants. This course enables you to build confidence and competence with your treatments and create even more satisfied patients.

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Dermal Fillers

The dynamic growth of dermal fillers in the last 5 years has been astounding. There have been advances in the technology and the application of these products. We have all heard about ischaemic events causing problems, and the knowledge you require to avoid such events is within this course.

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Practice Development

This course covers the important parts of marketing to your patients both online and within your practice. We look at some of the tools that can help a large or small clinic to manage their social media easily and successfully market using email. We will also discuss patient-retention strategies to help improve patient satisfaction and grow your clinic.

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The Surface - Skin

Associate Professor Greg Goodman, Dermatologist, offers over 25 years of knowledge on the skin. He discusses the different disease states of the skin and how it impacts our work in the aesthetic market. This section will expand to include regular updates on topics such as assessment of the skin, the skin's structure, pigmentation, lasers, laser after care, medical skin care, and much more.

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Facecoach Expert Interview Series

We travel the world attending premium conferences and interviewing Key Opinion Leaders on current topics. We ask many specialists from various backgrounds about dermal filler safety, ischemic events, injection techniques, after care, hyperhidrosis, favourite products, and many more topics. Our speakers are independent and answering questions in a comfortable environment. The interviews are conducted by Assistant Professor Greg Goodman, himself a widely published international speaker.