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  • Have you been injecting muscle relaxants from Allergan and Galderma?
  • Are you looking for a Botox or Dysport course?
  • Would you like to improve your facial anatomy knowledge?
  • Are you using these products throughout the upper and lower face?
  • Do you use these products to slim down the masseter muscle?
  • Do you have strategies to enhance the comfort of these treatments?
  • Could you benefit from a refresher on the possible side effects of these treatments in each area of the face?
  • If any these questions sparked your interest then this course is for you?
The core of any medical aesthetic clinic is the injection of muscle relaxants to reduce movement, reduce hypertrophy (in some cases) and smooth wrinkles. This popular treatment is vital to your success. Our course will help you produce predictable, reliable results. Our course covers the important anatomy for each area of the face and discusses the appropriate dose and site for injection. There is also a discussion of possible side effects and how to minimize these.

The Lessons Of This Coures Include

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Preparation for treatment

  • Science of Botulinum toxin Type A
  • Preparation for treatment
  • Best method of injection

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Upper Facial Treatments

  • Frontalis injection for forehead lines
  • Glabella injection for frown lines
  • Orbicularis Oculi injection for Crow's feet

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Lower Facial Treatments

Importantly the usage of injectable muscle relaxants in the lower face can improve your reputation as an expert and are a great way to achieve better results with dermal fillers.

The lessons of our lower face Botulinum toxin Type A course include –

  • Levator Labii Superioris Alequae Nasi injection for Gummy smile
  • Levator Labii Superioris Alequae Nasi injection for bunny lines
  • Orbicularis oris injection for peri-oral rhytids
  • Mentalis injection for mental crease
  • Depressor Anguli Oris injection for mouth frown
  • Platysma injection to reduce downward forces on the lower face
  • Masseter injection for bruxism or facial slimming

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  • Excessive sweating treatment with Botulinum toxin type A
  • The videos contain both a lecture and a practical demonstration on a live model.

This Course Is Included As Part Of The Facecoach Online Program